Monday, September 22, 2008

400 Amazing cupcakes and a story to inspire

I recently had the pleasure of helping a customer (now friend) with her cupcake event. I like to call it an event as anyone who has done this will know. "Oh cupcakes" easy ... "I'll do it" then the panic sets in when it actually comes down to pulling it off. Jodi with her amazing organizational and research skills pulled it off. Too bad we don't get to "taste" over these blogs! Waaaaaaay to go Jodi!!!! You are an inspiration. xo

Thanks for the incredible blog!

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Anonymous said...

i just read jodi's blog about her brown cupcake liner dilemma and she boasted about your site and how helpful u were. she mentioned you had the cutest website and i agree, the graphics and font are just as cute as can be. your cupcakes look yummy. did i mention, i love frosting but we must remember "a second on your lips, forever on your hips"