Sunday, September 28, 2008

Autumn Inspires

This season, to me, has always been such an inspiration. I think it's the brisk air coupled with the bounty of amazing colours our mother nature has to offer.
I remember a specific Autumn I discovered that indeed red and purple match! I think I was 14 at the time and feeling particularily awesome about the way I dressed. I also developed my love of cupcakes around this time - not eating them persé but looking at them. (I still like looking at them) All those colours and the freedom to use whatever available to the season. Nifty. Not to mention that one could imagine how these wee sculptures of yum would taste. Mmhmm

Now I travel through the internet on my quest for nifty stuff. During my quest of lovlies, I discovered Tim Holtz! Wow I think I love him as much as I love Matthew. *winks* Tim does not sell his stuff, but I did find a source that does and we will be carrying nifty bits in the shop very soon. I would not put his items directly on a baked cupcake, however they certainly lend themselves to adding another dimension to cupcake art!

Watch for our gear cupcakes! In the meantime , we have other bits coming in regularily so we can all flourish creatively in our baking, decorating and crafting endeavours. Happy day!

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