Thursday, September 25, 2008

The cups conundrum, and the incredible finale.

Oddly even at Sweet Cuppin Cakes mistakes happen. ;o)
As Meghan and I tried to sort through why the liners did not fit her friends pan we finally measured them! Whew, Quickly figuring out there was an oops ... which is not good for a wedding! We quickly fixed the mystery and glad we did. Congrats on your Wedding and I absolutely love the pink and brown! Excellent work by your friend!

"Hello! It's Meghan, I bought chocolate brown cupcake wrappers from you a couple months ago and you so generously sent me new ones because I received the wrong size... Well I kept up my end of the deal and here are some cupcake pics from the wedding! Hope you enjoy!! Thanks again! Meghan"

Thanks for sharing! Lyns

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