Monday, October 6, 2008

A Blog of Chocolate and a Cupcake Fondue

I recently stumbled upon a blog of chocolate during my internet travels. Truly a decadent blog, with a lot of fabulous ideas.

What caught my eye was the use of a crock pot for a fondue. A CHOCOLATE fondue. Can you imagine the cupcake fondue you could do with that? Cupcake bits, fruits, a couple types of fluffy fruity dips and voila!

I did contribute a little bit to the blog, as we do have a cupcake fondue appliance in our store. For the more intimate times when you just need to melt a half pound of chocolate ... not 5 pounds. Although I clearly plan to use a crock pot this Hallowe'en for all my neigbours and wee treat seekers.

What you may not know is that chocolate has to stay in "temper" Basically meaning that the temperature of the chocolate must be controlled. Otherwise, it blooms! Yes. bits of white all over your gorgeous dipped treats as they cool. Not so pretty. The candle under our fondue pot does just that. It keeps your chocolate in check so that you do not have to worry about it misbehaving!

What a perfect way to entertain and use up your unfrosted cupcakes.

Available in Red for $14.99 set

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