Friday, October 10, 2008

Customer Top Hallowe'en Picks

Hiya Everyone! Did not think I would get a Customers Picks page up! I managed!

The wavy candles are indeed by far the best seller. I mentioned this before, but truly you have a lot of time to blow these out! 50 minutes burn time. This is exciting because that gives you time to change your socks!

The spider wrapper jumps in second place as it is showy and gives all your hard work a frame!

If indeed you do not want to go into that expense ... double cup, sure c'mon this is totally acceptable and quite showy in its' own glory.

Edibles ... Sweetmelt tm Halloween Eyeballs 100% edible are a HIT! I can hardly wait to see the creations entered in our contest this Halloween. Customers are daring! An Ice cream topper you think, not so, thinks my Fan of these ... Raedeen who is now on her second bottle 0f Ice Cream Crunch. The creamsicle and oreo cookie are perfect for your Hallowe'en fare. If you need more ideas or simply must have MORE stuff, head t0 our webstore quickly to beat the postman this Hallowe'en.

See you there!

Lyns <3

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