Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dipping Fudge * New Product

Introducing our dipping fudge! This is an absolutely fabulous product we make fresh each week. This little Thanksgiving treat is an apple dipped in our creamy fudge and decorated as Turkey Tom. You can also mimic this on a cupcake. I LOVE IT!! Our kit includes enough creamy fudge for 6 apples, 6 apple sticks, 15 eyes, 25 Candy Corn Brach's, 6 Jumbo cupcake liners for your creation and 8 cello wraps for your apples. You need to supply the apple, cashew nut and licorice piece. Fudge quantity is enough to cover 6 medium apples.

Turkey Tom dipping Kit $13.99 from http://www.acupcakery.com/ Orders are processed each WEDNESDAY so please allow enough time for shipping.


Miranda said...

Those are just TOO cute!

Lyns said...

aren't they?