Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Wee Little Tea Pot

I absolutely fell in love with this Bethany Lowe Kitty Teapot. What a perfect little pot to have ready for your chilly trick or treater! learning at a very young age, when Gran started putting out the sublte little changes. (Like a Black Cat Tea pot) The magic was to begin!

Loving Halloween the way I do, I would wait for the tissue garlands, the honeycomb Ornaments to begin appearing. Pumpkins watching me come up our sidewalk, I would wave to them and grin! I knew they were getting ready for the great events to come.

We are getting ready here too. Our Halloween blog party is not too far off and I am feeling so excited!

1 comment:

Laume said...

That is an adorable tea pot! I've already got more tea pots than one woman has any right to own, but I have to admit I'd be tempted by that cute black cat!