Sunday, November 2, 2008

The eye of my apple

This Halloween brought the disappointing news that my son's class was not allowed cupcakes. I gasped. Truly a cupcake? It stopped us in our tracks momentarily and then I got an idea, a wonderfully, horrible awful idea, it was delicious. Behold the eye of my apple.
Emmett was so happy as well as the children. The teacher was thrilled. As I looked over the "spooky veggies" not! I left the class and grinned to myself thinking how scary is broccoli, really? The eye was a small deviate of the "no sweet" rule, but accepted as I explained they are white chocolate. For christmas I am planning a carrot log cabin, with broccoli wreaths, pimiento bows and cauliflower snowmen. Pffft to no cupcakes!


Miranda said...

Those are adorable! What a creative idea! I hate the no cupcake/sweets rule.

Danielle said...

Those look awsome! I would love to know how you made the eyes!
Our schools say the same thing here in Indiana no baked goods because of the fear of peanut allergies :(

Lyns said...

Thanks Miranda! Thank you Danielle. I sell the eyes in my webstore.
I miss cupcakes in school =o(

Cakespy said...

Nice solution--at least you let them have some fun. Stupid school rules!