Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day In Canada and UK

Remembrance day in Canada and in the United Kingdom is celebrated on the Eleventh of November. The main symbol used is a poppy. This is used because the poppy grew on the battlefields of France and Europe in the world Wars. On this day we remember all those who have died to give us our freedom. These cupcakes are to remember this day.

Photo by http://www.cupcakerecipes.net

We are also honouring Veterans Day which is today in the United States. Please leave a comment as you remember a special someone. Thank you.


Marilla said...

Aww, pretty cupcakes!

My three great uncles (now deceased) were veterans, my other great uncle is a WWII Navy veteran, and Jay's best friend is currently serving in Iraq. Big applause for any and all veterans and soldiers today!

Lyns said...

Thanks for sharing that Marilla. yes a grande applause.