Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guest Bloggers and Testers

Recently we have had many of our customers get back to us on our products and how they work. A hands on experience of taste, touch, smell and create, I think, brings dimensional perception of what the heck we are selling. Melissa, I recruited in December, I liked her a bunch. I have had Natalie and Marilla try out some products as well and will hope that soon I can have them here to blog about items they have used. Jess over at cakespy and I have a couple things baking up for March as I could not get my idea exact for a while. As we get ready for our totally cool blog, This morning I will warm you up by just showing one pic of Melissa's task, I love it.


Marilla said...

Those are beautiful! I'd love to do a guest blog for ya ;D

Lyns said...

Awesome! Thanks Marilla. Yes I am over the moon with Melissa and her cupcake design.