Friday, August 14, 2009

Sugar Sugar

I keep hearing all the news about a sugar shortage in the USA. That would really shake up a very trendy marketplace right now. What with all of the new sugar arts and designers, not to mention the radical cupcake trend that just keeps growing by design.

Of course, knowing about the whimsical magic that pretty sugar designs, sprinkles and magical cakes bring, I decided to carry some simple sugars at Sweet Cuppin Cakes. These I find are of highest quality and come from India Tree. I believe in the best when creating "magic"

The wonderful pretties gave in to my lifelong memories of the wonderful mentors in my life, Grandma, Gran, Mum, Aunties and what they created for all our family celebrations. Some now heirloom recipe books with the best art ever or a repeated over and over sugar cookie with a dusting of this magic colourful substance. Sugar is just an extremely versatile medium for a delicious yet eye appealing art form. Bringing us all somehow to a unified spot of celebration. Take time and enjoy the simplest of recipes with the simplest of sugar design, you will be glad you did!


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