Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why vinegar you ask?

Red velvet cake is intimidating to the finest of bakers, mostly because of the colouring.
Vinegar is integral to this recipe and should not be skipped, here is why:
Vinegar combined with cocoa produces a faint red colour, when you combine this with our new to come Americolour red gel food paste (yes 2 tablespoons) an amazing red will occur. To enhance the red we make a paste out of the colour and the vinegar and the cocoa powder. To have an even nicer shade of red the ghiradelli red cocoa or a natural cocoa powder is best. Do not overuse cocoa powder!
Most red velvet cake recipes can be turned into cupcakes easily. We love the red hounds tooth liners available at our Sweet Cuppin Cakes Store for our red velvet cupcakes. We use a cream cheese frosting although a french buttercream works very well too.

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Little Miss Baker said...

Oh I always use vinegar in Red Velvet! True story, Lyns :)