Friday, October 16, 2009

Ghostier Ghosties Cupcakes no Cake its a Ghost

Hanging Ghosts by Matthew Mead

A very brilliant re purpose for a white jumbo paper cupcake cup, to create amusing ghostly spirits. Use jumbo or king-size cupcake liners. Pierce each one with at least one pair of black paper-brad eyes (use two or three pairs to see eyes from more angles). If you can’t find black brads at your craft or office-supply store, paint some brass ones with a black paint marker.

To hang them, thread a needle with monofilament or black thread, doubled and knotted, and pierce a paper liner from the inside. Pull the needle through until the liner sits on the knot. Cut the monofilament next to the needle, then tie the ends together to make a hanging loop.

We used our size 70 but could go with our size 75 to purchase white liners $6.00
These are awsome hanging over our wavy candles. To purchase candles $4.99

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