Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Carrot Cake tips

This recipe has been used in my family for well up to 30 years now, for every celebration imaginable, even my wedding. My Mum loved to cook and bake and entertain. I am up with her on the first two but really not so much an entertainer. By the time I master and cook and bake dinner I am too exhausted to entertain. Perhaps with experience comes mastery, so I look forward to that!
A few things I wanted to point out with this recipe.
It does work as a cupcake but I strongly suggest our UK imported red and green for christmas. Our brown can handle the cooking oil quite well, however my strongest opinion on this is bake any oil based cake as they are very rich and heavy in a foil liner. Your guests will be happy you did.

Another tip is that cream cheese frosting gets quite hard when refrigerated, so you may want to have room to do this. Piping with Cream cheese frosting is difficult because the time you get the frosting so thick with sugar you drown the tangy zest of the cream cheese. The soft frosting is best left soft preserving the flavour,it spreads beautifully. A flat spatula is best for this. If you must pipe make a buttercream and pipe on some holly!
This cake does freeze well in foil liners already frosted with cream cheese.
We store our cupcakes in a tin in the freezer after they have all been individually frozen on a cookie sheet.

If you would like to comment or add to this feel free!
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