Thursday, March 18, 2010


The sweetest place is bursting at the seams in Tyler Texas! I have heard of it but have never witnessed it until now, when Holly emailed me, I need 5000 more liners, no 100,000, no 200,000!!! We have been crazily wrapping and boxing and shipping overnight, one day express you name it Holly loves our liners and we love Holly!
Then Holly chimes into our phone call and says "we have not even had our grand opening yet!" We both laugh and think out loud together ... what do we do now!
So I think if you ever wanted or dreamed to open a cupcake business and you know people want your baking ... GO FOR IT! A big congrats to Holly at Ganache in Tyler Texas!
Holly has a cupcake haven going on, using her expertise in baking and being a foodie she has wowed her community for sure. Holly's cupcakes are her own and the one I am headed there for is the "Copcake"
A recent article posted in Shewood Time featured this gorgeous photo of Holly's fab cupcake case! Drooling yet? Tyler Texas, Congrats on having your own cupcake angel, Holly of Ganache!


sweet swallows said...

It looks like it's true that everything's bigger in Texas. I'd like to NOM them all. :)

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little old, but those are not cupcakes from Ganache..on the shewood times site it says it was a googled picture.

Sadly, Ganache disappoints most here in East Texas. Great idea, poor execution.

Oaks said...

They have a great art section inside of Ganache!