Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tala and Nutella The Miracle Easy


I have wanted to blog about my discovery for a while now! While others may have discovered it already I cannot attest to that, but to my screaming delight diva inside me I discovered this quite accidentally all on account of my daughter's love of Nutella and her Mum of course.

In the photo you will also see lovely little candles that you can of course get from Sweet Cuppin Cakes as I always share the good stuff! You will also see my son Emmett's tala writing for his first time (he is eleven) on the cake. I mention this point because the tala pen which you can also of course get from Sweet Cuppin Cakes, makes it that easy. His handiwork are the flower outlines, the funny little "deku" in the corner and his first grab n go ... do not listen to Mum first, dot on the the flower which makes me laugh.
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Come see us at Sweet Cuppin Cakes for this HOT little decorating tool, you will be glad you did! We now have them back in stock after being back ordered for weeks! Cheers

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