Saturday, March 6, 2010

When I used my liners purchased from another shop they fell off. I guess I want to know if yours fall off before I order.

1) If you are baking in a
convection oven there is a steam
transference that will aid in your
cupcake liners having poor
results the best way to avoid this
if you are using a convection
oven is to turn the fan off for the
last 4-5 minutes of baking.
2)There are many cupcake
liners out there and the trick is
to find the ones that are colored
and designed with soy ink and
“stick” when this type of process
is used. Avoid the impregnated
with wax liners. Often the made
in china cheaper papers are
made with a much thinner paper
than the Swedish variety thus do
not tolerate any heat steam
moisture and fall off.
3) Storing your cupcakes
after they are frosted is a sure
way to screw up your efforts.
There is just too Much moisture
for the little liner to tolerate.
4) Freezing your cupcakes is
great but all too often they are
rushed into an airtight plastic
device and oh oh they thaw and
the wrappers fall off.
To avoid this flash freeze
each cupcake alone with 3 inches
around it on a cookie sheet
(Usually a dozen fit nicely on
each sheet) Although cupcakes
do not freeze solid you will now
when they are frozen enough.
Dust any frost flakes off and then
store in your covered container
taking care to allow some air to
remain in with your cakes.
Mine do not fall off Cheers!

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