Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brides Pinks

Funnily after thinking that we would not complete the task of making 500 of these roses for our Princess White bridescakes I pulled it off! My thumb was so sore but it all ended well! After asking a lot of decorators about how to dry these roses of royal frosting, they were actually pretty much a hands off process. I had worried they would crack etc but no, all went remarkably well. Here is what I did, I piped them all on parchment squares and placed each rose on a square on a huge cookie sheet. I left each to sit and dry for 2 days and then flipped them upside down on the squares for 3 days ... They were quite hard and crusted by the time I used them a week later. I stored them in clean paper egg cartons which worked fab! So my friends now I am no longer leery to make royal icing roses that I hear can last decades haha! Cheers
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Jennifer said...

Is that coconut? Heaven! :D