Monday, November 1, 2010

An easy and sweet way to spread love!

A few weeks ago, Lyndsay shared a beautiful link that caused me to take action.

It is a simple idea. Make some cookies, decorate them and donate them to food pantry, soup kitchen, shelter or any other agency that feeds those in need. The great thing is the reaction you can get for such a simple act of generousity. You can teach your kids the act of giving. You can get that warm, "I just did a good deed" feeling. And the most important, someone that really needed a smile gets one.

I decided to make it a Thanksgiving mission. I called Minot Area Homeless Coalition and asked them how many families they serve for the holiday. I found out they help 30-60 families, based on reservations and last minute additions. Simple math provided me with 15 people needing to bake 4 dozen. That is very easy, even for a beginner. You can buy 4 packages of break apart sugar cookies(SUPER EASY), you can make up a large batch of sugar cookie dough and divide it up for your friends to bake(Easy for the home-baker) or you can get crazy creative and bring the most gorgeous cookies your hands can make(easy for the greatly skilled artists on this site). Does not matter how you get it done, just have fun! I shared it as an event on Facebook, before I knew it I had a great surprise.

I had 30 bakers! 30 bakers making 4 dozen cookies EACH! I am able to provide all the cookies needed for both the Domestic Violence Crisis Center and the Minot Area Homeless Coalition. Amazed.

So now I have a dare. Can you out bake me for your town? Can you provide baked yummies for your local soup kitchen or charity? I DARE YOU! Then let this lovely lady know on her website! Take pictures, share your event with friends. You can even turn it into a new tradition for a holiday. If you take up my dare, leave a comment. I would love to see what special yummies you can come up with also.

I can't wait to show you my progress! Thanks, Lyndsay. I can feel the love already.


Nana Rogers said...

That is a nice thing to do Sasha. I don't have a licensed kitchen I only bake for family and friends, but it would be something to help others like this. Congratulations on reaching your goal. And for inspiring others to reach out and help others too.

Lydia said...

Wow wow wow! I'm thrilled that your first Drop In & Decorate event was such a great success! Thank you.

Lydia said...

Oops, I meant to say "will be" such a great success. You're going to have enough cookies for many, many families!

Sasha Sweder said...

Thanks ladies! In our state if you are donating you don't need a licensed kitchen. Donating to charity tends to be not in those rules. But I am sure decoratinmg prepared flat round sugar cookies bought from your local super store would still be appreciated!

Sasha Sweder said...
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Lyns said...

Sasha I am so proud of you always! Cheers