Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think my father was Peter Cottontail

If any of you know me then you are nodding your head about now. I really think Peter C Tail was my father. Well in another life perhaps or perhaps I was a cabbage leaf baby in this life and my Mum really did find me in a cabbage patch.
That said ... yes, all things Easter Bunny count me in. It doesn't have to be Easter either. I am a firm beleiver that the Easter bunny can get along with Nicholas and Jack and even Cupid for that matter. Did I miss any Hallmarked days?
Most important that Easter bunny fits in with my birthday (which is in September but the EB likes autumn too you know)
Photo by Aaron Beckerman
Aaron explains this well:
"Australia's Easter is the same as America's,and Canada's, although it's in autumn rather than spring. But Easter merchandise is different. In America, store shelves are filled with... well, I don't really know. I never shopped for Easter stuff in the US. But I'm sure they're not filled with chocolate marsupials, as they are here."
So you see my Easter Bunny is a very versatile fellow. Wombats, Bilbies and Koalas love Easter too, and I love them. Except you should know I held a Koala in Brisbane and OHHHH he was a stinky wee friend. I have family in Australia so that was important I mention this. Also you should know there are no shortage of Peter Cottontails in Australia either, just hope you don't let them intimidate you. I however, would not try to take their eggs for anything.
Onward, It is much simpler to feed my Easter Bunny Love at this time of year and certainly before they pull the sacred Cadbury easter cream eggs off the shelf. You know, these ones:
I should mention here that I think my friend Jessie Oleson might be a distant relative of mine through Peter Cottontail because when Easter comes around Jessie is as crazed as I have been said to be. Look:
I am not even going to tell you what Jessie did to an Easter Creme Egg but if you really wanna see you can click here Oh no that was the mild part you have not seen the half of it I am just getting you ready *snickers* no *creme eggs* Here goes CLICK HERE IF YOU REALLY WANNA I told you!!
Okay back to me and my "Father" ... so this year pinterest happened to me which made my search for my father much simpler and my Easter Basket is going to be full full full! So I can share with you all because I know you all have a little of my Father in you. Hey that could sound really bad in so many ways, YOU KNOW what I MEAN! Happy Hunting and ENJOY! MY EASTER COLLECTION FOR THIS YEAR ... Love me
I could keep on about all this but I know you really want to go see my collection.
Happy Spring ... Love and Kisses"

10 comments: said...

Hi Lyns! So happy I found your blog (from you following mine)!

Regarding papa Cottontail ~ that makes us sisters. Hahahaha! I too love all things bunny:)


Lyns said...

ANOTHER SISTER! YAY Cindy I am so glad you found me xoxox

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trashmaster46 said...

Okay, I see that the "tacos" are pancakes with berries and tinted coconut, but what's next to them, with the jellybeans on it?
I may have to make "breakfast tacos" like that for my husband one of these days!

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Yummiest that you have posted here

best stretch mark creams said...

Yummy...Is that granulated sugar? I like using granulated sugar but in a minimal amount.

Lyns said...

I had to check and yes it is coloured granulated sugar, moderation for sure hahaha

best stretch mark creams said...

I would use granulated sugar in just a minimal amount to ward off unecessary fats..hahahaha, consider this as one of my guilty pleasures.