Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Mum's Famous Banana Bread and my Banana Uncle

Mum's famous Banana Bread
also an adaptation by me.

There are a couple of stories that go with this recipe, not to mention the fact that it is one of my family's faves and one of my brothers fall down on the floor and moan if you put peanut butter and honey on a warm slice (honey first folks) let it soak into that warm bread and then the JIF peanut butter. JIF is truly the best. I should mention here, day old banana bread out of the fridge toasts brilliantly! I just like butter on mine. Everyone else uses honey and peanut butter.
Now my banana trivia Uncle. This particular Uncle of mine played for the New York Rangers and was a right winger. I can give you more clues another time. I mention this only to show you how worldly this man is. Well he was, and still is very cool, and married to my Dad's sister. So this Uncle of mine is a very knowledgeable guy. While making the banana bread with my Mum at Gran's house he is watching us peel the bananas. Well, you know to break the top of an overripe banana without a gooey mess can sometimes be next to impossible. Not for my Uncle because he pays attention. Over he saunters from the table, a place where we all gathered to laugh and have fun, and of course get warm treats out of Gran's old gas oven; grabs a banana turns it upside down and pulls off that wee bottom button thingie and the banana is so easy to peel. He looks at my Gran and says "That is how the monkeys at the zoo do it" hahaha Well you should have seen her face. I cannot tell you what else she said to him, but I will tell you she was from England. Nuff said haha.
It works! Try it. So I always think of that exact story and the four of them when I make banana bread.
Now for my family. We like to trade things up a bit sometimes, so today I made this recipe but added one teaspoon maple flavouring (Rawleighs only guys) put two dishers (size 16)* (8 TBS) of batter into each standard cupcake cup, I used these liners and had to do a tiny retro fit but hey, they worked. I sprinkled them with just a wee bit of chopped pecan bits. Banana Maple Pecan Muffin Cupcakes are born this October 5th 2011!
I plan to serve them on Thanksgiving morning, so will freeze and then when I warm them up I will glaze them with a simple maple glaze or warmed peanut butter with a melted maryjane in it .... Enjoy

This is a fantastic chart I found over at Wiki! It is accurate and wonderful.
The fate of the bananas in the background is coming soon.
The wee pedestal is also available in my wee shoppe.

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