Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Techno Baker 2

As I climbed around on the internet feeling like an alien on a new planet my son would snicker and under his breath call me techno baker. Seriously I would rather bake and decorate a cupcake than to build one in adobe photoshop! Not to mention the uploads and losses as the webstore was being built. Still a work in progress as I am not pleased with what came out of my adobe oven yet! Now back to my techno baker Lynne VanB ... so talented and shared many of her cupcake endeavours with me. This is truly one I want to share, with her permission of course *winks* I have also enclosed a snippet of her email so you know how this techno baker 2 accomplished this.
"Hi Lindsay,
The Mexican project is finished and
delivered! My new cupcake liners sure
came in handy. As promised, am sending
some pics. The sombrero is built out of
rice krispie square stuff and decorated
with royal icing so it was nice and hard to
hold the cupcakes. Client was pretty

Sombrerros off to Lynne VanB Techno Baker 2
xox Lyns

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Techno Baker 2 said...

Hi Lyns,
Absolutely love this....sure wish I'd spelled your name right in my email. Think the site is great...hats off to an excellent Techno Baker project. I am so impressed!!!! I have more than 300 cupcakes to do for 2 different events this weekend....have made about 320 fondant flowers (roses and gerbera daisies) and 700+ leaves and have to do 6 different flavours of cupcakes/frostings. Oh yes, cupcakes are an EVENT! Am looking for some out of this world cupcake recipes .... any suggestions or recipes would be so appreciated...credit given, of course!!!!!!