Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A terrific use of fondant for decorating. I had wondered how those tentacles were so perfectly piped! Fondant definitely gives you that crisper tidy finished look. What a cute little guy <3

Cute Birthday Girl Cupcake

Cute Birthday Girl Cupcake
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Love the raspberrie barrettes. Great little idea for decorating.

monkey cupcakes

monkey cupcakes
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bridal-Baby Shower cupcakes

I adore the blues and browns used on these wee cupcakes. Has inspired me to package blue and brown cupcake liners together in 100 packs. Thanks Christy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vanilla Equivalencies

Here are a few tips to remember when using vanilla products. We only use Nielsen Massey Vanilla as it delivers the best flavour and scent.

1 whole vanilla bean =
1 tablespoon vanilla bean paste =
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract =
1 tablespoon pure vanilla powder

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rose or Orange Flavoured Water

BUY NOW 6.75

The full scents of roses, and orange blossom are distilled into bottles for baking. One teaspoon of these high quality extracts are more than sufficient to add a noticeable yet delightful fragrance to a dozen cupcakes. They are very simple to use adding a dynamic to your final baked goods that is natural and memorable.

BUY NOW 6.75

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cupcake cookies from Beau Coup

The wonderful use of simple sanding sugar and cookie sugar frosting.
Got to love Beau Coup

Sugar Sugar

I keep hearing all the news about a sugar shortage in the USA. That would really shake up a very trendy marketplace right now. What with all of the new sugar arts and designers, not to mention the radical cupcake trend that just keeps growing by design.

Of course, knowing about the whimsical magic that pretty sugar designs, sprinkles and magical cakes bring, I decided to carry some simple sugars at Sweet Cuppin Cakes. These I find are of highest quality and come from India Tree. I believe in the best when creating "magic"

The wonderful pretties gave in to my lifelong memories of the wonderful mentors in my life, Grandma, Gran, Mum, Aunties and what they created for all our family celebrations. Some now heirloom recipe books with the best art ever or a repeated over and over sugar cookie with a dusting of this magic colourful substance. Sugar is just an extremely versatile medium for a delicious yet eye appealing art form. Bringing us all somehow to a unified spot of celebration. Take time and enjoy the simplest of recipes with the simplest of sugar design, you will be glad you did!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The greatest buttons ever

These have got to be the cutest buttons. I asked Carrie from caged Tomato if she would design some buttons for our Sweet Cuppin Cakes web store and bakery and WOW did she bake up a batch of marvelous collectibles. We are more than honoured to be able to share her wonderful art with you. Enjoy <3

Set of 5 $8.00

Free brown liners with purchase so you can use these as cupcake toppers first if you like!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Polka Dot Minis

Everything is always adorable when it comes in a mini version and our mini polkas ... yes you know it ... ADORABLE and now in stock. For how long I cannot make any promises as you are all aware the black polkas sure had a run! They are back now too.

The pink are just as sweet as can be in both regular and mini size. Yes, these are in stock now as well.

Our folded cups have returned and put on quite a show with the little mini polka pinks!
Everything available at Sweet Cuppin Cakes

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why vinegar you ask?

Red velvet cake is intimidating to the finest of bakers, mostly because of the colouring.
Vinegar is integral to this recipe and should not be skipped, here is why:
Vinegar combined with cocoa produces a faint red colour, when you combine this with our new to come Americolour red gel food paste (yes 2 tablespoons) an amazing red will occur. To enhance the red we make a paste out of the colour and the vinegar and the cocoa powder. To have an even nicer shade of red the ghiradelli red cocoa or a natural cocoa powder is best. Do not overuse cocoa powder!
Most red velvet cake recipes can be turned into cupcakes easily. We love the red hounds tooth liners available at our Sweet Cuppin Cakes Store for our red velvet cupcakes. We use a cream cheese frosting although a french buttercream works very well too.