Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There is certainly an abundance of cupcakish things available. Some of these things one really needs to look for though. I am happy to report I have now started selling Chocolate brown cupcake liners in Canada. YAY! I have other colours as well but my fave are those brown little gems. I have started my Sweet Cuppin cakes website at http://www.acupcakery.com/ This I had planned in January but all my research absorbed me! So I began selling cupcakery supplies on ebay as flyniggan It is fun fun fun. I have to say there are some crazy fun blogs out there regarding cupcakes as well. I can hardly wait to hear from bloggers as everyone has such awesome advice! The cupcake community is awesome!!! Cupcakes take the cake, All things cupcake and 52 Cupcakes are all great spots. I even had this awesome Londoner send me a cupcake timer from the UK that was not available in Canada. She offered and I was blown away. Gotta love paypal haha. Back to my cupcake conundrums ... I am racking my brain out for a tshirt design. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The beginning of cupcake conundrums

Pretty exciting to be blogging, an important step for my cupcake obsessive behaviour. I find cupcakery to be a true artistic experience and they are so delicious. (ok old fashioned tried and true family recipes that never fail and keep being tweeked) Since January I have studied cupcakes, made baked ones, papier mache ones, felted ones, beaded ones, crocheted ones and even attempted stained glass and mosaic ones. If that was not enough I registered with several blogs, opened a small cupcakery supply shop and will be opening my bakery in October. Yes I have found my niche!!!! I also did not mention my 3 dog Bakery run in whilst in Dartmouth, yes PUPCAKES!!!! Do I have the recipe ... of course! My sweet little puppie loved them. Ahhhh the cupcake .... childhood memories .... for me, always take me to Gran's. More to come