Friday, March 25, 2011

Our "Terry's" Orange Cupcake

Well I finally did it! The exact recipe for the flavour of a Terry's chocolate orange, my boys fave at Christmas. Imagine the delight flutters from them when they got these tonight Ooooo Yeah

Monday, March 21, 2011

Christina and I and a project

Some of you may know we have great news! We are now the USA distributors for Kalasform Swedish Cupcake liners and special papers. These will now be available in the USA from us at retail and wholesale levels. To get a sneak at my fave papers ever just take a click ride to HERE

This is my favourite! I am certain you will have one too. I am a great lover of pic nics and park lunches and camping so these papers just made me squeal with glee!
We are getting them up on the site as quick as we can today.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We are Changing ... So you are invited to stay for the journey =o)

The craziest most zany thing happened to me maybe last week or the week before I really cannot remember but I have gone from being a person who wants nothing to change to being a person who wants everything to change and keep changing and changing and growing, I think you get my mission.

The first place was easy My Web Store, not perse the most important but the most doable. I won't ramble on about what I am changing or how I plan to do this but I will incorporate part of the change to include you in my journey.

First great news is I found myself an artist but not just any artist, an anthropomorphic artist and if anyone knows one thing about me it should be my love of anthropomorphic baked treats, veggies and well all foods. So you will get why I fell in love with my new illustrator Kelly Brownlee of Seattle USA. I already had to buy these from her shop 

How did I find my fab illustrator ... well it turns out she is a gift in a ways from Jessie Oleson as you all know by Cakespy. I pay attention to my spy friend because she has an eye, not a pie eye, no, an eye for magnificent talent and so do I because I found Jessie all on my own =o)

Jessie has already been part of many behind the scenes little projects and they will unveil along my journey of changes.

So please watch for our new, logo, illustrations and a few tweaks and notches in the shoppe and here on the blog. We have also developed the best product ever. You will see very soon just waiting on our labeling.
In saying that we are making changes we are looking for link ups, so if you know of a link you think we need to know about please post it in our comments. We appreciate any leads to change Happy Week!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Shipping because my daughter has been paying taxes for EIGHT YEARS!

Oops I kind of disappeared for a few days. My little girl turned 26 years OLD! We baked a bit had a wee celebration and now she braces as that one more year nearers her that much more closer to 30.

I am sure Jenny is proud about now to be the topic of a blog post, and the issue of her aging. Well in a way it is, because for a fleeting moment during the blowing out the candles on her Jeannies Cake I realized she has already been paying taxes for EIGHT YEARS!

The tax man is already charging my baby and your all grown up babies who are out their baking on their own.  =o) Now I cannot change taxes but I can sure change shipping fees!

To Celebrate this and my daughters responsible tax discipline we are sure going to give you something back for your daughter/s or baking twenty something year old or even for you because we missed your birthdays in your 20's  Free Shipping on all purchases over 50.00
This does not include taxes or cost of purchase. You cannot combine any of our other coupons

Also in Promo Code enter freeship so your total is adjusted BEFORE you get to PAYPAL CHECK OUT
This promotion is NOT VALID for any wholesale purchases. THIS IS FOR FREE REGULAR CANADA POST AIRMAIL 5-7 DAYS Travel time. Closes April 1 at 12:01 am

Who doesn't like FREE SHIPPING?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pink Rose Topper

pink rose topper by acupcakery
pink rose topper a photo by acupcakery on Flickr.
SO confession time, I have always had this big love of plastic flowers! Way back when haha actually in the 60's and 70's we would travel to my Gran's every summer and she had this dresser FULL of plastic flowers. Gosh I could play with them for hours, my imagination never lacked for some serious lengthy play time. I also had a captive audience being the eldest sibling and cousin of the whole clan. We would have weddings, be bakers, florists, have funerals you name it, these plastic flowers rocked my little world. Funny yo admit now they still do! It is not until now I have decided to share my little bit of plastic fun with you all! If you have grandchildren male or female you seriously need to get these if not for cakes or cupcakes but for some serious play action and to be the best Gran ever! In the next few days they will be a constant item in my little shoppe on the corner of the web. Have fun!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Cupcakes by Fays cakes
Cupcakes a photo by Fays cakes on Flickr.
Thank you again to Fay I am going to make it a point to try my hand at such a lovely plate of fairy cakes to send back to my friend Kay!

Fays Cakes

giant cupcake by Fays cakes
giant cupcake a photo by Fays cakes on Flickr.
This lovely 8 inch tall and 7 inch wide cake landed to me today via our Sweet Cuppin cakes Flickr Cake Crew. I fell so in love with this entry I would have felt terrible if I did not share!! You can see more of the best work by Fays if you click on the photos link. Happy Day!