Saturday, October 4, 2008

Autism Awareness Walk Winnipeg

Chilly morning! As fall is getting braver the weather is getting colder. The leaves are coloured and the air is brisk. An absolute perfect day for Sweet Cuppin Cakies and Starbucks Coffee! Here is what Meaza from Starbucks on Academy and I did. We donated yummy stuff for the ASM walk because we are both awesome! Not to mention how much we care about this particular cause. On the left are our chocolate choc chip and they are eggless! On the right our strawberry cream. (those flecks are real strawberries the pink is natural, no food colouring here!) At the top we are particularily happy with our puzzle piece cupcake toppers. Under those toppers are our red velvet cream and our chocolate cream cup cakies. I did not take a pic of the coffee because we all know what Starbucks coffee looks like! Better yet that delicious burst of warmness on a chilly morning. YUM! Good luck to all the enthusiasts who came out to walk for the cause and eat treats!

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