Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let them eat cake!

In all actuality I have learned the famous quote included the word brioche not gateau. So in fact Mary Antoinette had said let them eat sweet bread. I have no problem with that, in fact after being inspired by two pals I have met recently (Zoe and Jessie) I have been turning bread into a giant cupcake of sorts. My son is eating it!!

So it begins: I get a book, a wonderful book It wasn't until I spoke to Zoe that I learned about this gem she had published!

The dough begins in the bowl as a sort of blobbish thing. An hour later it is alive!

An hour later we have steam baked the bread and voila a beautiful loaf of bread. No eggs, no sugar, no oil. Pretty amazing do you not think? I love it.

Now comes the cupcake issue. We decided to lightly "flour it" with a scant tablespoons of confectioners sugar. Then let fresh butter lightly glaze over (by melting) This certainly stirs up those anticipation feelings.

After we watched the butter melt down and around the bread, it was time for a simple toppper. We decided on a lone cherry of course. I think this is actually a cupcake icon for Emmett. I just do not think I could put a cherry on a slice of Haddock and get him to eat it willingly. I digress. The cupcake bread is now ready for the final touch.

The Lone Cherry! Looks cupcakish to me. Ready for the final test.

I know there was a saying, " The proof is in the pudding" I think the "proof" is in the bread.
We did not even have to use the "proof " process though. Impressive, yes! I will leave you with an image of the first slice off and go take another loaf out of the oven this morning. Thanks be to you Zoe! I will never buy another loaf of bread.



Zoe Francois said...

Your brioche looks fantastic and perfect with a cherry on top! Cheers to never buying bread again! ;)

Happy Baking! Zoƫ

Lyns said...

Thank you Zoe!