Friday, October 3, 2008

My Little Techno 2 Baker is at it again!

It is always wonderful to see what everyone is up to in the cupcake world.
Seriously, I love seeing what people create. (sidebar, I also like hearing what people create) I think it shows the gestalt of a being. Having said that, my little Techno Baker has been up to her old tricks again. Enjoy!

Also I must add what Techie 2 emailed me because she is awesome!

" Hi Lyns,Am enjoying your blog so much...check almost every day when time permits. Have a technobaker haha for you (actually, really sad) the premier "follower" of your site, I went back to leave comments and found that the password I thought I used for my Technobaker 2 account is not being accepted.... this is really strange. Have come to the conclusion that in my hurry (and probably in the dark....usually the conditions under which I am using the computer)....I hit some random keys which have been saved as the unknown password. Man oh man! Anyways, will have to carefully open a new account and start over. Am sending you a few more pictures. Your cupcake liners have been absolute life-savers....what a difference they make to presentation, and my special cupcakes for special occasions (not common at all here!) are creating quite a stir!!!!! Will be placing another order for more "Lyns stuff" very, very soon. Hope you enjoy! (By the way, your gram's recipe for buttercream is a variation of a "French buttercream", although the corn syrup is a twist. A really sophisticated recipe to find in the cookie tin!!!! I can't wait to try it.) NoTechnobakerAtAll :( " Lynne really is a techno B 2!!!

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