Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet Christmas Double Cuppin' Cupcake Liners

2008 10 11 005
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We are not afraid to double cup TM
Anyone who knows me really well, will tell you I cannot wait. It is simply not a part of my character. Here is why. When I get all stoked and excited about something I feel guilty that somebody else can't as well. So I let it all out of the bag! Always. I can keep a secret though, that is different. These beauties are no secret. Just in, I am absolutely delighted with these Christmas Cupcake Liners. As you see they are indeed "double cupped" GLORIOUS! You can find them in my webstore Are they not just loaded with potential. We also sell the sprinkles that match up so well. That was no accident =o)


Marilla said...

Those are amazing cupcake liners!

Miranda said...

Those are so pretty! :)