Friday, November 21, 2008

Lauren's Birthday Cupcakes

Happy 22nd Birthday to Lauren. We needed a special cupcake for a special gal. We made our triple chocolate, chocolate chip cupcakes and filled them with pink fluff consisting of marshmallow cream and philly cream cheese, tinted a wonderful pink.


Marilla said...

Those are great! Did you make the taffy?!

Bronx the Dog said...

Those are completely amazing. I've seen things on the Cupcake Decorations blog and they have to know about this. The swirl on top is kicker!

Lyns said...

Thanks so much! I love compliments! I did not make the taffy but it is made fresh for us on the east coast! YUMMY. Bronx you are sweeeeet! =o)
Marilla I will send you some! weee!