Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Chick Cupcakes

Spring Chick Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by windy_sydney
By Windy Sydney Spring Cuppie cakes

OMG!!! These are just the cutest little guys, who wouldn't love to get a little cupcake and posy like this!
LOVE IT!!!!!



GroovyGirl said...

those cupcakes are soooo cute!

åsa said...

omg, those are just adorable!! i want one! :)

michelle said...

so tiny and cute. love 'em!

Andee said...

Holy Cow, what a surprise to see my cupcakes on your page! Hahah! I love your stuff/website/store. Thanks :D


Lyns said...

Thank you. I love your creations Andee!