Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cupcakes for Flower Lover

The work that went into these make all the difference in presentation and I am sure taste. What a great idea for flavours.


Bonnie Manning said...

I just discovered 'Fields of Cake' online last night and stayed up way too late looking through her Flickr pic's. Gorgeous! I also wanted to say a belated thank you, Lindsay, for the Batter Finger prize that you sent me, and the extras were sublime. I was soo excited to find that little package on my door step not two days later. That is remarkable service, my friend.

I'm off to look at your new stock!


Lyns said...

Thank you my pal I am happy you enjoyed! Fields of cake is outrageously talented!

Rebecca said...

I just discovered your blog and shop. I love it all. It's so yummy. Thanks! These are beautiful cakes!