Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boo at the Zoo means Cupcake Contest!

Hallowe'en has done it again. Snuck up behind my back, with the marker being our city's Boo at The Zoo. My son would not miss the ghoul-y night for anything except perhaps the drop of doom at the Summer exhibition.
We are starting to take on the spirit here with the odd scatter ling of Tricks and Treats abound. Still never enough time, try as I might, to be prepared and finish all my ideas up.
This year my plan was to come up with a frightfully delicious "healthy" cupcake for the school party. Last year I put eyes in apple wedges = FAIL! The kid's put on a great performance of "NO I am not really disappointed" but I knew I had a task for this year, because they did not fool me. I have been bringing cupcakes to school functions for 20 years now. (my kid's are quite far apart in age, 24,19, & 11)
Which now brings me to the Halloween Challenge!

I am looking for a healthy good for you snack that can be disguised as a cupcake! So there needs to be frosting, fruit, veggies, omega 3,cake! You get the idea. Yes there is a prize. The little wee cupcakes you see in this post!

To enter you must post your recipe (tried and tested please) in my Sweet Cuppin Cakes blog and also over at Cakespy's blog. The winning recipe will be chosen by my esteemed cupcake and baking critic pal Jessie Oleson. No tricks though ... Jessie knows her stuff!

Contest opens today October 17, 2009 and will close by October 25th midnight. Winner will be announced on both blogs.

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