Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hoarders ... Cupcakes and Impact

Because I was so impacted by the hoarders show last night I needed to blog about this. Why? Well a few reasons, I NEVER watch reality TV, pretty much I never watch ANY television. I prefer to read. That said I want to share something with you all. I would have deemed myself as a "collector" of course until I watched that bloody show. It just happened to showcase a woman who like me lost a baby at birth. That impacts you, for life. Sadness comes and goes but an internal search to find something to give you a small rush of "feel good" can and will get addictive if not kept in check. So back to me for a second here. I started collecting a massive amount of antique plates, bakeware, cupcake paraphernalia, antique cookie cutters, cookbooks, baking pamphlets and the like. Oh I have a ton of it, if Martha Stewart showcased some of her antiques you can be sure I sourced them after all that is what I do as a profession, I research. Needless to say there is at least one Martha show a day,and one magazine a month. Nuff said.
After this bloody show I couldn't sleep all night as I was visually disturbed. My son asked me several times what was wrong with me as I watched the show with bated something.
Oh yeah, I thought later, this cannot get to "THAT" point with me. So in my plan revisions over and over last night while struggling to sleep, I have decided to post many of my "treasures" in my web store over the next later weeks of January. I am going to go further than that though, I am going to reach out to others who may, like me have a "collecting" issue.
When I put up my "collection link" in my webstore I am offering for anyone who feels the need to sell some stuff that relates to the web site, please contact me at lyndsay@acupcakery.com You will be responsible to pack and post sold items yourself to the buyer. Simply send me a photo and a credible paypal email address so I can send you the funds you earn. I am hoping in doing this participation part of my journey to "shed" stuff it will be supportive to my cause and maybe even yours. In addition a percentage of all sales from this collection link will be donated to Autism Speaks and Autism Awareness of Manitoba. I have a son with Autism so this motivates me very much if I add a reason to my journey!
Please feel free to share thoughts on this with me as I will be taking photos and sorting for the next couple of weeks hoping to start with my boxes, yes boxes of Valentine's items.
Have a Happy Day, I know I will and I am never watchinhg HOARDERS again... Well maybe I will xox

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