Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Acts of Cupcake Kindness

Hi there cupcake lovers, my name is City but I'm better known in the blogging world as the NZ Cupcake Queen! Lyndsay kindly offered for me to guest blog so I thought I'd share a little post on the joy of sharing cupcakes as random acts of kindness!

Since I started baking cupcakes 6 years ago, I've come to realize that most of the joy I get from my baking comes from sharing it with other people and I'm guessing this is something that most cupcake bakers share. Baking cupcakes is fun, frosting and decorating them is fantastic but nothing beats watching the look of pleasure on a customers face as they bite into one of my cupcakes or how excited a friend gets when I give them a cupcake for no special reason at all!

Whether I'm baking cupcakes for an order or a friends birthday party, I always try to make some extras in the batch, so I can share them with other people, especially people outside of immediate family and close friends. Some days I drop them off to my downstairs neighbors or to the lovely old man who runs our local dry-cleaners or I give some to my boyfriend to share with his co-workers or take them in to share with other students and tutors at my art school or offer one to the plumber who is working in the house.

You could see cupcakes simply as tasty, yummy treats but I guess I tend to view them as little random acts of kindness too. As long as I keep sharing the cupcake love then I never get tired of baking cupcakes. And part of the fun of sharing the cupcakes is sharing them with people who might not normally get to try something so delicious! Lets face it, the families and friends of anyone who is a baker are pretty lucky people, but there are people out there who never get to eat home made treats. I've been thinking a lot lately that I'd like to share extra or left over cupcakes with a few of the homeless men who live near my apartment and see if it might bring a smile to their faces.

I'd love to know other peoples thoughts on cupcakes and their power as little random acts of kindness in cake form! Do you share your cupcakes with strangers or people you don't know very well? Who do you love to give cupcakes to outside of your family?

And if you haven't had the pleasure of sharing a cupcake with a person you might not normally bake for, why don't you go and drop a cupcake or two off to that neighbor that you have only ever said a polite "hello" to in the morning, or drop off some to your mechanic next time you get your car serviced. I think you'll soon find that the power of sharing the cupcake love to more than just our family and friends gives you warm fuzzies and makes the world a sweeter place!

love and cupcakes,

the NZ Cupcake Queen

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Nana Rogers said...

Welcome City,
Thanks for sharing what you love. I totally agree in sharing making it more joyful. You Cuppies are very pretty too.
(((Hugs))) Nana