Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Shipping because my daughter has been paying taxes for EIGHT YEARS!

Oops I kind of disappeared for a few days. My little girl turned 26 years OLD! We baked a bit had a wee celebration and now she braces as that one more year nearers her that much more closer to 30.

I am sure Jenny is proud about now to be the topic of a blog post, and the issue of her aging. Well in a way it is, because for a fleeting moment during the blowing out the candles on her Jeannies Cake I realized she has already been paying taxes for EIGHT YEARS!

The tax man is already charging my baby and your all grown up babies who are out their baking on their own.  =o) Now I cannot change taxes but I can sure change shipping fees!

To Celebrate this and my daughters responsible tax discipline we are sure going to give you something back for your daughter/s or baking twenty something year old or even for you because we missed your birthdays in your 20's  Free Shipping on all purchases over 50.00
This does not include taxes or cost of purchase. You cannot combine any of our other coupons

Also in Promo Code enter freeship so your total is adjusted BEFORE you get to PAYPAL CHECK OUT
This promotion is NOT VALID for any wholesale purchases. THIS IS FOR FREE REGULAR CANADA POST AIRMAIL 5-7 DAYS Travel time. Closes April 1 at 12:01 am

Who doesn't like FREE SHIPPING?

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