Sunday, March 20, 2011

We are Changing ... So you are invited to stay for the journey =o)

The craziest most zany thing happened to me maybe last week or the week before I really cannot remember but I have gone from being a person who wants nothing to change to being a person who wants everything to change and keep changing and changing and growing, I think you get my mission.

The first place was easy My Web Store, not perse the most important but the most doable. I won't ramble on about what I am changing or how I plan to do this but I will incorporate part of the change to include you in my journey.

First great news is I found myself an artist but not just any artist, an anthropomorphic artist and if anyone knows one thing about me it should be my love of anthropomorphic baked treats, veggies and well all foods. So you will get why I fell in love with my new illustrator Kelly Brownlee of Seattle USA. I already had to buy these from her shop 

How did I find my fab illustrator ... well it turns out she is a gift in a ways from Jessie Oleson as you all know by Cakespy. I pay attention to my spy friend because she has an eye, not a pie eye, no, an eye for magnificent talent and so do I because I found Jessie all on my own =o)

Jessie has already been part of many behind the scenes little projects and they will unveil along my journey of changes.

So please watch for our new, logo, illustrations and a few tweaks and notches in the shoppe and here on the blog. We have also developed the best product ever. You will see very soon just waiting on our labeling.
In saying that we are making changes we are looking for link ups, so if you know of a link you think we need to know about please post it in our comments. We appreciate any leads to change Happy Week!

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