Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Creativity with Cupcake Liners

Hi Everyone,
Happy Easter season to those who celebrate and happy spring and happy eggs to all. I know how important eggs are this time of year to most. Without getting into a huge history of spring and Easter I just wanted to wish everyone happiness and joy.
On a quick note, I apologise I have not updated in a while but I had a medical emergency that set me back a couple of weeks but now I am back! I ended up in emergency and had 5 hours of surgery and all I can say is I am happy as a lark writing to everyone today. YAY!
Let's begin:
There is still time to get your creative on and I found some fab ideas to move you, yes move you! I always knew there is so much more to do with cupcake liners afterall they are the most gorgeous pieces of paper out there for any crafting genius, yeah that is you!
First how cute are these daffodil cups from Martha Stewart, the how to is so self explanatory you can just go for it! I used a heavy cardstock for flower and glued my liner to the center ;o)
Pretty darned cute huh? You can see the original directions here if you must
Next I need to wow you with Caitlin Beren's from Better homes and garden, simple egg cup fashionista trend. Please do not have naked eggs this Easter and Spring, it is SO embarrassing for them. We even used cupcake liner paper to machier our eggs! We also used matte gesso to seal.
If you want to find Caitlin Beren's original post here is where to go.
Okay and now a drumroll for my alltime fave! Can you imagine a cupcake in a jar with a cupcake liner topper, I am swooning you guys!!
I know! It gets your mind going everywhere with possibility doesnt it! Can you imagine my strawberry liners crowning a jar of your best strawberry preserves? Oh yeah!!! We even sell the twine so get movin on this one, yeah you! I am here to motivate your creativity remember.
Okay so I know I have you just dying to shut down your putin and go create! Here is my request, after you play and create please email your creations to acupcakery[@] yahoo.com because I just HAVE to see what you have created and will share in our Sweet Cuppin Cakes Bakery Group Here.
Hoppy times my friends I love ya


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Hey, what a great looking Cupcake liners. Glad the challenge worked out ok for you!

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