Saturday, February 21, 2009

Iron Cupcake Earth January Winner

Janet Hudson Entered with her Wine Cupcake Entry and I must admit ... WOW! Sandy how would we ever get all these delicious recipes without all your hard work!! <3 to you My Fave Cupcake Queen

I have lifted Janet's photo of her Saki-To-Me Cardamom Cupcake with
Go-Go Strawberry Filling & Kiwi Ganache

But for the recipe you should CLICK here

We sent off a prize to Janet and we hope she is going to love it! Congrats to you Janet and thanks to you Sandy! Also a big thanks to all Iron Cupcake Earth Members! Awesome cupcake recipes, photos and most important inspiration!!!

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VelezDelights said...

Wow!!! She's one smart lady!
These must taste amazing =)