Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day Cupcake Liners

 We just finished up our Valentine's Day cupcake liner set, aren't they lovely?
Shipping them over the border in time for Valentine's Day may be dicey after February 2nd, so you may want to hop over to our wee little web store and grab some! They are posing today in a brand new Chicago metallic large mini cupcake pan/tart pan so the liners are a wee bit taller than the tin, but this is OK! In fact it is great for your cakes .... the tops do not dry out and crack from the heat of the top of the tin ... I am a cake genius! *battin lashes* Another tip I would like to share is that when you bake your large minis do so in a 325F oven .... it reduces a dry dark bottom and who wants that to happen to their bottoms' I can think of better things. 

We here at Sweet Cuppin would love to see what you bake so please do send to our flickr account and show us!

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