Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Cupcake Plates In

Finally after a long wait our anticipated cupcake plates have arrived. A prettily boxed set of 4 handpainted earthenware sweet tooth plates in a fanciful cupcake twist.
Use each cupcake to promote a flavour in your bakery or serve up some fun at a family party. These pretty little plates are loaded with potential. Priced at $27.00 for the set.


*Noelle* said...

oh, i just found your site/blog and I looove it! these plates are to die for! do you mind if i mention your site/blog on my blog! i know some cupcake lovers that would come on over:)


Mrs. Cupcake said...

OMGa! Love these they are sooo ardorable.... I know what I want for valentine's day now!

Lyns said...

Thanks for the compliments!!! Glad you found me =o)
Noelle of course you can mention anything you like! Mrs Cupcake ... aren't the plates gorgeous? I love them.
Thanks to you both